The Challenges of the Independent Music Sector

Hello everyone! As I'm sure you know, breaking through into the UK music scene is immeasurably difficult, especially as an independent artist. We have a million job roles to do, alongside any other work, studies or commitments, which can be a heck of a lot of pressure to achieve success.

We have to be our own management, PR, social media manager, tour manager, marketing, brand partnership manager, booking agent, videographer, photographer, producer, songwriter, performer, and I'm probably forgetting more. You get it, doing all this on your own is difficult. Now, there does come a time when this starts to pay off; for instance, now I have a team around me, I'm no longer my own booking agent, videographer or photographer. So that's a fair amount off my plate!

So, if I said to you, that while us indies are working ourselves into the ground to achieve success, artists signed to the big labels (who have others to ease the workload) receive far more national support from radio stations, television, bloggers, newspapers, and everything else, would you think that's fair? No, exactly.

That's why I'm involved with a bunch of wicked, like-minded people who share the same ethos of supporting each other, and working together to achieve great things. Benumu and Success Express are equally fantastic visionaries who I truly believe are making a difference in the UK music scene, and they're putting on an event this Saturday 24th Feb to raise awareness on these issues. Independent Music Day Live brings together five artists (myself included!) to celebrate the hard work of independent musicians, and rally for more national support. If you're around London, please come and support this vital cause. Without more support for independent musicians, there'll be far fewer artists for the big three to choose from, and a significant decrease in British music as a whole.

Event: Independent Music Day Live!

Date: Saturday 24th February 2018

Venue: Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

Times: 6 - 9.30pm

Tickets: Available here.

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