My handful of inspirations

Hello everyone! Ask any artist, and I'm sure they'll tell you about a select few albums that inspired them to create their own music. I've got a handful of these too; maybe they're obvious choices, maybe they're not. You tell me! 1. 'Internal Flight' by Estas Tonne.

Estas Tonne - Internal Flight (cover art)

This album is absolutely stunning. If you're not familiar with Estas (don't worry, not a lot of people I've come across are!), I would definitely check him out if I were you. The way he plays guitar is so light and beautiful. When I was a kid, it was this album that inspired me to play guitar. This album is the sole reason that I play live the way I do - the continuous mix of music was absolutely inspired by him!

KT Turnstall - Eye To The Telescope (cover art)

2. 'Eye To The Telescope' by KT Turnstall. This album is pretty similar stylistically to mine, and is definitely the most obvious choice on the list. It's the epitome of full band singer/songwriter. This is the album that sounds like home to me; I've listened to it through every emotion I've experienced in life. Worth a listen!

3. 'Songs About Jane' by Maroon 5.

Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane (cover art)

Wow, where to even begin describing this record. In two words: a banger! This album taught me the value of catchy hooks. Whenever I'm stuck for ideas, I take a break and listen to it on repeat. I have such a good time listening to it (and by good time, I mean dancing around my room like a lunatic!) that I come back to my work with a clear mind and a smile on my face.

Banks - Goddess (cover art)

4. 'Goddess' by Banks. I've been a huge fan of Banks since her EP 'Fall Over' and for good reason. The woman's

voice is incredible! But more than that, 'Goddess' is so interesting rhythmically. I found this album just as I was experimenting with different fast-paced vocal rhythms myself, so it acted as a guide for me. Honestly, I see it as a true game changer.

So there you go, there's my handful of inspiration. If I had the time, I'd bore you forever with a long list of albums I love. But I don't think either of us really want that!

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